Fall-Winter 21/22 Fashion Show

Fall-Winter 21/22 Fashion Show


Fall-Winter 21/22 - New Horizon

Saigon, December 23, 2021

Spontaneous is like a cool stream flowing through the mind. Passing the safe point will see a "new horizon", a more different, disruptive, younger, and freer self. That is the message that Tiny Ink conveys through the Fall-Winter 2021 Collection - “New Horizon”.

With "new eyes" - a new perspective, gentle and feminine designs become dynamic and youthful when combined with large belts, small clutches on hips, and dusty leather boots.
Soft, elegant Ao Dai brings a freer, stronger spirit when combined with the puffy structure organza vest created by the smocking technique.

The colors of textures and materials are always an indispensable identity at Tiny Ink.
Designer Hoang Quyen is not afraid to use bright bright tones, an unexpected blend of sweet pink with fresh neon green, bright red or yellow of the sun combined with cyan blue, dark green, and other accessories. bright red tones….
Cubist abstract motifs are hand-painted on each garment, when softly and gently carrying the spirit of flowers drifting through the stream, sometimes violently rushing with neon colors - striking and shine. A blend full of confidence and difference, youthful and free but not losing but rather honoring the essence of pioneering women.

The whole Collection is like a joyful song, bringing a spontaneous break and a liberal touch with the spirit of the futuristic highland.