Inside TINY INK Studio

Inside TINY INK Studio

Painting - The expression of the soul of fashion.


TINY INK represents a pioneering combination of art and fashion.

Each product is a work of original texture creations that are hand-painted directly on the clothes by professional artists.

At Tiny Ink Studio, each dress goes through at least 4 main stages for painting textures, done entirely by a single artist in an average time of 4-8 hours.

With M2M or Bespoke designs, the lead time will usually be longer, sometimes up to 40 working hours.



With pioneering as a core value, Tiny Ink's team of artists and designers focus on creativity and develop brand-specific techniques from oil painting, silk painting or lacquer painting to create produce the optimal aesthetic effect and specific artistic language for each type of material or costume.




Stemming from the brand philosophy, Tiny Ink shapes an abstract and surrealist painting style with liberal spontaneity mixed with strict consideration in layout, color mixing, calligraphy, so that the pattern blends with the dress into a unified whole that honoring the wearer's physique and temperament.




Each pattern carries a story with a metaphorical message that the owner will find very personal meanings depending on the time or point of view.

That resonates to create highly personalized designs with a contemporary spirit integral to fashion.




From our perspective, each dress has a soul and life. Painting is the way to express that soul so that each fashion product will have its own vitality and meaning for its owner. It's also how we see the future of fashion.