Introduces - BIG FLOWER

Introduces - BIG FLOWER

"Big flower" carries the spirit of breaking, beyond the framework, boldly feminine, youthful, and attractive. The attraction not only comes from the striking colors, it comes from the harmony and rhythm between the shirt and the woman wearing it - a contemporary lady who enjoys life with creativity and newness every day.



Natural vitality is floating on the shirt, from the improvised and emotional handmade textures - typical of abstract expressionist art, from the freshness of thinking about color combinations, not following the rules but full of smooth rhythm.


The femininity is fully expressed in the design details, in the folds over the shoulder like the structure of the petals, graceful and evocative at the arms, in the strong color array as the rainbow accentuates the waist, and from the combination of peplum curves and dynamic diagonal cuts.



The curvaceous lines of the petal hand-painted pattern return the rhythm of the cuts, harmonizing hard and soft, just like a woman's personality. As a result, the feminine spirit is emphasized even more.


If the femininity is maximally expressed through design details and textures, the youthful, disruptive style is pulled back by the bold punk Hot Pink color. A "rebellious" pink color does not destroy the elements of femininity, it resonates to create a contemporary, impressive, outstanding and sweet charm.

Matching with pleated panel culottes pants of the same color completes the youthful and dynamic spirit, or black in the same design brings tenderness and elegance. Regardless of the combination, "Lady in pink" is always an attractive highlight, because of its energy, joy, and vitality.


The design of a peplum top - is familiar in every woman's wardrobe - but through its maximal expressive expression, "Big flower" is no longer a part of the outfit, it becomes an unmistakable style, beyond the stereotypes. It carries the notions of life, of happiness that Tiny Ink's artists and creative team are telling.