No fear and no boredom.
Only immerse yourself in the colorful music of life.

Immersed in the transformation journey of the gemstones in the ground, the collection is segmented by color, from the orange color carrying the energy of the soil to the vibrant colors of the transformation festival, and crystallized into the cyan color of precious stones, before returning to transparent and hiding in a rustic heart. And then like a metaphor, from that transparency, a spontaneous flower of life is blooming, a flower of happy energies moving naturally.
Tiny Ink - Hidden Gem Fall-Winter 22 collection continues the story of honoring pioneering women with liberal assertiveness, sophistication, and meticulousness.

Color has never been hidden - it's a very personal, unique fashion language of the brand. Tiny Ink always uses striking, strong colors, not keeping the safety behind monochromatic colors. The color tones that seem to be completely different and cannot be shared are boldly mixed, forming a harmonious whole in each design.

The collection also marks new ways to get creative with recycled materials. Spontaneous and natural, the beautifully colored scraps of fabric are used to craft earrings pieces, accessories, and abstract fabric paintings, creating completely different designs.

And on that completed whole, hand-painted texture opens the door to the dimension of the soul. Contemporary, surrealism blends with spontaneous expression to bring multifaceted perspectives and harmonies coloring full of art. Viewers seem to feel the energetic pulse of the soil in each moving texture on the fabric, and the color block represents the multifaceted nature of gem, creating spatial depth, and reflecting the multidimensionality of each story on design. The creative value, meticulous craftsmanship, and aesthetic quality of each design are placed in a panoramic view to create a flawless and completeness.


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Detail Look 03

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Detail Look 09

Detail Look 10

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