In The Cloud.

“In the big cloud of colours, the freedom and spontaneous are flowing”

A beam of light pulsated violently over the top of the plateau, creeping through the clouds, turning them from mist to colour, and the touches exploded like the giant colour booms in the sky.

The oblique sunlight of a highland morning shines through every step of the model on the catwalk, a little cloudy where the mountain height reaches the clouds, that little floating is neutralised, like a spice accompanying the colour, and flows in an endless stream not only on the clothes but in the viewer's own vibration.

The vitality is expressed in a bold way, spontaneous of consciousness, abstract but can clearly capture freedom.

The balance in design is always expressed by the designer as naturally as she is - less but qualitative, romantic but not ostentatious.

Each dress has its own world, its own story, and its own dream.

Textures are unique hand-painted designs of moments when the mind is in a relaxed state. In those moments, life flashed with streaks of happiness, and just flowed like a beam of light, or like a dragon winding in the clouds.

The colours of fabric, textures, and design details are spontaneous, like a brilliant flower at the top of the mountain - striking but true and natural, like the joyful, rhythmic music of the fireworks performance among the clouds.


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Detail Look 03

Detail Look 04

Detail Look 05

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Detail Look 09

Detail Look 10

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Detail Look 11

Detail Look 12

Detail Look 12

Detail Look 13

Detail Look 14

Detail Look 15

Detail Look 16

Detail Look 19

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Detail Look 20