Wings of Night - A boldness & sophistication taste

Wings of Night - A boldness & sophistication taste

The Wings of Night - an exquisite evening garment designed to captivate the eyes and hearts of women who appreciate bold and elegant couture. It's a grace masterpiece, intricately crafted to exude power and elegance through its unique design elements and artisanal details. 

 Wings of Night is a marriage of intricate details and meticulous craftsmanship, making it a standout piece in any evening event. Showcased structured shoulders that command attention, adding a bold and powerful touch to the overall aesthetic, this evening dress cloaked in a timeless black hue and crafted from luxurious Zibeline fabric, exudes a mystery touch and regal to the ensemble.

The skirt, intricately crafted from 21 carefully curated individual pieces of iridescent Organza and colorful vertical lines. That adds an eye-catching element, elongate the wearer's figure and add a dynamic visual appeal to the overall look, setting it apart from traditional evening attire.


What truly elevates the Wings of Night dress is its hand-painted pattern, executed under an abstract art perspective using a sophisticated oil painting technique and inspired by lacquer surface treatment. This artistic flourish adds an element of individuality and exclusivity to the dress, making each piece a unique work of wearable art.


The meticulous hand-painting process alone takes 10 hours of skilled artist, highlighting the dedication and artistry poured into every detail of the gown.


For the pioneers woman, the "Wings of Night" dress offers more than just a fashion statement—it is a symbol of empowerment and self-expression. 



Beyond its exquisite craftsmanship, the "Wings of Night" dress possesses a versatility that makes it a valuable addition, to a formal event, gala, or cocktail party. The structured silhouette and artistic detailing make it a timeless and sophisticated choice for women who wish to command attention and make a lasting impression. 




Wings of Night celebrates the beauty and individuality of women, embodies a fusion of art and fashion that is unparalleled, offering a blend of style in one exquisite ensemble.