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Tiny Ink artfully blends high-fashion techniques with the timeless art of painting, offering unique designs that forge a deep, personalized connection with contemporary women.

At the core of our brand is the fusion of Fashion and Art, where traditional painting techniques meet contemporary aesthetic styles, marrying minimalism with sophistication.

Hand-painting: The Art of Fashion

At Tiny Ink, fashion is a canvas for artistic expression. Our garments feature hand-painted details using a variety of techniques including oil painting, silk painting, and lacquer.

These intricate designs are crafted by professional painters who work closely with our fashion designers, constantly innovating and applying art in fashion. This collaboration underscores Tiny Ink’s commitment to prêt-a-couture that is not only wearable but deeply artistic.

Creative Director

Founded in 2012 by Hoang Quyen, Tiny Ink reflects her keen sense for minimalistic yet strikingly luxurious designs. Under her creative direction, Tiny Ink has evolved into a platform where art meets life. Quyen’s vision extends beyond aesthetics, aiming to integrate high-end tailoring with fine art to create fashion that is both innovative and timeless.


The name "Tiny Ink" symbolizes the small droplets of ink that color life vibrantly. It is our mission to create trends that resonate globally, much like the ink that spreads to form a beautiful picture. Today, Tiny Ink stands as a beacon of Art in Fashion, renowned in Vietnam and beyond for our exceptional craftsmanship and artistic innovation.